Case Study : San Bernardino County Public Education and Community Outreach

san bernardino county stormwater program


Since 1994, the San Bernardino County Stormwater Program (Program) has been conducting NPDES MS4 Permit-required Public Education and Outreach activities. Since that time, the Program has achieved significant success in developing and implementing a watershed-wide stormwater public education and outreach program with emphasis on educating the public on the impacts from polluting activities to receiving waters and providing guidance on best management practices to prevent stormwater pollution.


Over the years, the Program noticed that the community was not engaging as much with the Program’s stormwater pollution message. The Program noticed that community-centered issues around pride of place and protecting water resources resonated more with County residents than the traditional environmentally focused effort . To address these concerns and to increase community engagement and awareness, SGA helped the Program rebrand its program to “Where Water Meets Community.” As part of this rebranding, SGA created a new logo, tagline, brand guide, and website.


With this rebranding effort, SGA helped the Program create a new public outreach campaign that focuses on how protecting water quality protects the community. By reframing the messaging and making it community-oriented, the Program found a new voice to motivate residents to action. The Program redesigned its website, updated the messaging, developed a branding guide, created new public education materials, and produced educational videos. For this rebranding, the County received the California Stormwater Quality Association award for Outstanding Stormwater News, Information, Outreach, and Media.