Case Study : RethinkWaste Marketing and Outreach

South Bayside Waste Management Authority


The South Bayside Waste Management Authority (RethinkWaste), on behalf of its member agencies, is responsible for developing and implementing public outreach efforts to educate and engage approximately 93,000 single-family households and 10,000 commercial customers (including multi-family property owners/managers and their tenants) on all of the waste reduction programs and services available to them, as well as overall resource conservation and sustainability messaging.


SGA helps RethinkWaste with promoting their brand, increasing social media presence, and developing public education and outreach materials for its recycling and waste reduction program. We work with RethinkWaste staff to create effective messaging, general as well as multicultural ads, and managing its social media accounts. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on organic composting and proper battery recycling. We recently redesigned its website to increase community engagement and participation.


To help RethinkWaste, SGA provides the following comprehensive communication and outreach services:

  • Strategic Communications Planning/Campaign Development – develop strategic communications campaigns promoting residential and commercial services and a recently modified household battery recycling program
  • Creative Development/ Production Services – provide creative and production services for public education campaigns
  • Multicultural Outreach – develop and implement outreach strategies and tactics for reaching non-English speakers
  • Community Engagement Methods – develop public engagement strategies that encourage public input, participation, and behavior change
  • Online/Social Media – manages online/social media accounts to reach targeted audiences
  • Media Buys/Placements – assist with the placements of print and digital media assets