Happy Holidays from SGA!

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OK, I’m biased. But from where I sit (SGA’s headquarters in Downtown Long Beach), the staff at SGA seems like a pretty talented bunch. We speak multiple languages. We have degrees in engineering, journalism, public policy, design, law, business and applied psychology. We know how to cook and some of us even type with more than two fingers.
What’s more, every day we battle freeway traffic to gather in Long Beach, where we create new ideas, kick off new campaigns and whip up new ways to inspire people to change.

But like everyone, SGA has hidden talents, too.

Those unsung skills took center stage at our holiday party’s second-annual talent show. It was an eclectic display of skills. We heard K-pop, straight from the Korean drama Dream High, and watched spot-on imitations of fish faces. We witnessed robotic dancing, high-speed caricature drawing and crooning to Etta James. There was a hand jive, a tendency for luck and a demonstration on how a swimming cap can turn into an alien head. We even had a little good old-fashioned string music. Watch the video below!

My apologies to Vedrana Trbusic, whose fish faces are missing from this video due to the fact that filmmaking is not one of my talents. A big thanks to everyone at Benley’s Vietnamese Kitchen for the delicious food and hospitality.
Happy holidays from all of us at SGA![/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”http://youtu.be/EkDnJMeOkw4″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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