To Create Change, Seeing is Believing

At SGA, the projects we pursue focus on behavioral changes and social marketing to improve local communities. Over the years, SGA has learned that one of the most effective tools to generate awareness and change is by producing short videos. According to emarketer, US adults now own more connected devices than ever and 5½ hours are spent indulging in video content a day. With statistics like this, producing an engaging video can transform an abstract concept such as stormwater management, to concrete actions for your audience.

Check out the videos SGA created for our Orange County Stormwater and PaintCare clients. Each video has a unique message, but both videos share two objectives: to ignite meaningful behavior change and to create a better world. While these are lofty and high-brow concepts, our videos are fun, relatable and dare we say it, educational.

For Orange County Stormwater, SGA cultivated a community champion named Kevin from Rancho Santa Margarita. We hired a small production company to film his beautiful drought tolerant backyard while he highlighted actionable goals he achieved to stop overwatering.

For PaintCare, we ran a pilot program to test the most effective message to get the Latino community to recycle paint. We ended up choosing to illustrate a fictional story between a father and daughter who are stumped about what to do with excess paint. With the help of whiteboard animators, we created the video below.

Videos are powerful tools to promote your social message and to foster behavior change. Next time you need to reach a wide audience, consider allocating a portion of your resources to producing videos. The results will far exceed the costs.

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