Here Comes the Rain Again

How ecstatic was I to hear the rain pouring on Friday night? Ok, I felt bad for those cute little kids in my neighborhood trick or treating on Halloween night wearing their best Elsa and superhero outfits. But it had been so long I don’t think I’ve ever rejoiced so much at the sound of rain. And let’s not forget the beautiful, crystal clear days following the rain that we indeed got. The drought is serious and I’m trying to do my part – and not just by doing the rain dance.

After reading and hearing so much about the drought, I found myself thinking about ways I could further reduce my water use. I don’t have a lawn to water or take long baths so I wasn’t exactly high up on the water supply depleters’ list. However, I recently learned I could ask my landlord for a water-saving showerhead. I had to call my apartment manager to fix the garbage disposal anyway and after the manager agreed to come in to fix my garbage disposal, I casually asked for a water-saving showerhead. “I understand that tenants could ask their landlords and it’s free,” I added, just in case.

Without missing a beat, however, she said it would be done. I was shocked. Was it really that easy? The second thought that went through my mind: why hadn’t I asked for this earlier? I am now a proud user of a water-saving showerhead that is helping to save our water.

Did you know that any tenant in the City of Los Angeles is entitled to a free water-saving showerhead? It turns out tenants are entitled to that and more so I thought I’d take it a step further. Stay tuned for more.