SGA Stands Up for Zero Waste

The U.S. Zero Waste Business Council recently hosted their biggest and best Annual National Zero Waste Conference yet, and our very own Stephen Groner was the committee chair.

Stephen kicked off the conference by welcoming the attendees (over 300!) to the event and introducing the first day’s keynote speaker, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Influential proponents of the zero waste movement were in attendance at the Stars of Zero Waste conference, along with representatives from companies such as Walt Disney, Hewlett Packard and Sierra Nevada who shared their knowledge, passion and success for sustainable business practices.

The many strides that LA is taking towards greater sustainability were highlighted, including the Zero Waste LA program and The Sustainable City pLAn. We love knowing that this plan involves more than just the environment, pulling together “environment, economy and equity” for a truly sustainable future.

This year the conference didn’t just talk the talk, it walked the walk, educating the hotel staff on food waste, composting and recycling. It was wonderful to see the progress since the inaugural conference in 2012, and now we can look forward to seeing more zero waste advancements before next year’s conference.

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