Facebook 101 – How to Make Fans Flock to Your Page

The ideal length of a Facebook post is (not even long enough for this sentence). That’s right – just 40 characters, less than a third of Twitter’s limit, is the optimal length of a Facebook post. Posts with 40 characters receive 86 percent more engagement than posts with more characters. Yeah, we know, that’s not very much. So how else can we increase engagement with fans and optimize our use of Facebook? Here are a few quick and easy tips that will take your Facebook page to the next level.

Remove URLs from your post. Facebook automatically populates a clickable post when you add a website link in your update. It only clutters your post to leave the original URL, so take it out to keep your posts looking clean and under that 40 character count.

Schedule your posts in advance. Scheduling ahead of time is a great way to consistently keep your Facebook feed full. In addition to a full feed, scheduling posts on the weekend (without working on the weekend) is an added bonus. Posts on Sunday obtain 25 percent more engagement than those on Wednesday.

Focus on punctuation. Are you using the right punctuation points? We hope so! Studies show that posts using exclamation points garner 2.7x more interactions than those without, and questions garner 23 percent more engagement.

Pay attention to images. A great photo can play a major role in capturing your audiences’ attention, just be sure you have some text to go along with it. Even a great cover photo can keep someone on your page a little longer. Here are some tips and examples if you need a little inspiration.

Interact with your audience. Even if the comments they leave are negative. Responding to all comments alike shows that you are engaged and that you care about your fans. After all, happy fans are the most important part of a successful Facebook page.

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