Case Study : City of Irvine Marketing and Communication

City of Irvine Environmental programs


The City of Irvine has and continues to endorse and adopt environmental policies and sustainable measures to conserve resources and protect the environment. To increase awareness and residential participation with the City’s various environmental programs, SGA was tasked to develop and implement public education and community engagement campaigns for issues such as recycling, waste reduction, pollution prevention, food donations, energy conservation, and proper household hazardous waste disposal.


SGA utilized Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) to develop a strong understanding of the barriers and motivators of the City’s target audiences and then incorporate this knowledge into the materials we produce. To achieve results, we followed these guidelines:

  • Develop creative and engaging materials
  • Educate and excite target audiences around environmental and city initiatives
  • Attract attention to the message
  • Present the message(s) so it can be easily read and understood
  • Make a deep enough impression so that the audience acts
  • Result in sustainable reductions in waste, pollution, and energy usage


SGA has developed effective outreach campaigns to address the specific barriers and motivators of the target audience. As a result, the City has seen increase in awareness and participation with the City’s various environmental programs. These outreach campaigns followed the full arc of CBSM with a goal of creating lasting change around end-state behaviors identified as having the maximum impact.

Case Study : FIRST 5 Santa Clara County Public Education and Awareness

first 5 santa clara county


FIRST 5 Santa Clara County (FIRST 5 SCC) is one of the many county-based affiliates of the FIRST 5 program across the State.

With a focus on improving the lives of kids, ages zero to five, FIRST 5 SCC has traditionally focused on communication campaigns teaching parents and caregivers on strategies to be better educators and childcare providers.

FIRST 5 SCC wanted to develop expand their brand awareness and reach population segments who are not traditionally exposed to their services.


SGA develops and manages a county-wide communication and awareness campaign to raise visibility of FIRST 5, its investments, and the impact the organization has on young children and families in Santa Clara County.


To increase awareness about FIRST 5 SCC’s mission, priorities, investments, partners, and impact, SGA developed a series of educational videos, radio spots, and digital ads. The goals of the multimedia assets were:

  • Increase recognition of the valuable work and impact First 5 SCC has achieved
  • Understand the importance of investing in early childhood development programs
  • Promote First 5 SCC as an advocate for policies, practices, and systems that removes barriers and limitations for children, families, and early childhood professionals.